• Block A – all site furnishing installed except for benches; wayfinding signage installation has begun; pine straw complete on all landscape; signature benches to be installed
  • Block B – finished installing all decomposed aggregate; site furnishing complete with the exception of signature benches; pine straw complete in landscape areas; doors in restrooms will go up next week; skate park to be complete by the end of May
  • Block C – landscape areas are complete with pine straw; working on punch list items from walk though; pulling last of electrical wire; Block C is 95% complete
  • Block D – finished placing pine straw in landscaped areas; 9th Avenue concrete pavement is complete; decomposed aggregate in path and seating areas installed; water feature is complete
  • Block E – landscape work continuing along southern edge; sign installation underway; pressure washing and general clean up being performed in completed areas
  • Block F –landscaping is continuing; installing wayfinding signage; general cleanup
  • Block G – turf in dog park completed except for small portion in northeast corner; concrete placed around pickle ball court; concrete work is complete in block G; installing plumbing fixtures in small restroom station
  • Block H – filling in sidewalk concrete paving; continuing to place surfacing in the playground; installing playground features; landscaping is underway; fountain installed in pond; pond complete except for landscaping between gabion walls