Food Trucks


The “Red” Block which is home to City Walk Skate Park, the Roller Skating Rink, and climbing mound is also home to City Walk BHAM’s food truck corral area. Although you will find food trucks in more than one part of City Walk on busy days, The “Red” Block hosts five fixed food truck parking pads with shore power. Convenient seating to enjoy your favorite food truck menu items and proximity to skateboarding, roller skating and other high activity areas make this area ideal to check out your favorite food truck operations. Parking is also super convenient and available in this part of City Walk BHAM.

How to Become a Vendor

All Food Trucks must be permitted through City Walk Bham operations office to be part of the City Walk Food Truck program.

Even though our City Walk Bham Food Truck Plaza is officially located in the Red Block near Skate City Walk, there are many other opportunities and request food trucks at City Walk Bham. We book all food trucks for both events at City Walk Bham as well as BJCC events. We only book registered trucks through City Walk Food Truck program.

Fill out the application below to request to become a vendor:

List of Approved Food Trucks