A work in progress for nearly five years, CityWalk BHAM continues to gather momentum as a space imagined and realized by the community, for the community. While conceptual planning began in 2014, this project has had to adapt to many changes since its inception, including a massive I-59/20 bridge construction job.

Now, through community engagement that includes public input meetings and active social media, the vision of this project continues to come into sharper focus based on the ideas and desires of those who will use the space. And very soon, CityWalk BHAM will be a unique and vibrant destination that will enliven and strengthen the entire Birmingham community.

Our Process

Our approach to creating public spaces works a little differently than other projects you might have seen. We like to engage in a community-driven process, which begins with you telling us what you want the space to look like and what kinds of activities you want to do there. Everyone’s input is carefully recorded and considered. Then, we figure out the cost for the things you want. Design is the last phase of this process; it only happens after the programming and budgeting phases have been completed.

What is Programming?

When we say “programming,” we’re referring to a variety of amenities that are available to the public for use anytime that the space is open. We build on daily amenities with “core programs,” which will probably include fitness classes and a wide range of other activities. Those programs are, in turn, supplemented with activities that occur once a week or once a month. We also anticipate a small number of large events, like concerts, holiday celebrations or festivals. And once again, everything we’re discussing is for the public – no exceptions!

Previous Community Engagement Sessions

Project Timeline

  • Summer 2018 – Winter 2018

    Public Engagement and
    Programming for Public Space

  • Winter 2018 – Spring 2020

    Engineering and Design
    for Public Space

  • Spring 2020

    Public Space Bid Date

  • Summer 2021

    Birmingham World Games